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WP 5: Management.

The achievement of project planned goals within budget and resources allocation will be assured by an articulate organisation of the project management and coordination supported by shared methods of works, research and implementation.
The management is effectively carried out through a clear division of roles.
The Project Coordinator, the intermediary between the European Commission and the project partners, is responsible for all the scientific activities and for the validation of all the components of the final platform. It is entitled to organise the collaboration and coordination of the scientific work, the division of the tasks and responsibilities among the partners in relation to the areas of expertise.
The Project Coordinator is supported by the Management Support Team as for organizational issues and by the Work Package leaders as for the research activity. The Project Coordinator will cooperate with the Management Support Team, under the supervision of the Project Steering Committee, in order to ensure compliance with the project objectives, the partner requisites and the project schedule.
The Management Support Team, coordinated by the Province of Pisa European Policy and International Affairs Office and chaired by a Project Manager, has the main role of monitoring the progress of the project activities and to support the partnership in carrying out the specified activities such as the submission of reports and the standardization of methods and procedures shared among all partners. The Project Manager is the prime external interface to the Project Coordinator and the representative to the Steering Committee for the organizational management of the Project. The main activities of the Support Management Team are: to compile the Consortium Agreement, to prepare the Project Reporting, to organize the Project Meetings and to provide the technical assistance for maintenance of the Web Site.
The Steering Committee is chaired by the Project Coordinator and is formally empowered by the Consortium Agreement to take decisions affecting the budget and the objectives of the project, changes and exploitation agreements, technological, scientific decisions and is the higher authority for conflict resolution, with the Project Coordinator having a casting vote if necessary. The Steering Committee represents the project decision-making body, empowered by the Consortium and lead by the Coordinator for the governance of the project. It is composed by a representative from each partner and a leader from each Work Package. The Steering Committee will meet at the start of the project (kick off meeting) and one time per year or on an ad-hoc basis as requested. The meetings will normally be scheduled to rotate between the principal contractors home base.




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