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Caritas involvement in Sample project

Caritas is one of the most important third sector organisations for its considerable Poverty Observatory Network database and for its counselling and distribution centres net involved in the fight against poverty (more then 200 centres in Tuscany region).

In Sample Project the collaboration with Caritas is planned to realize WP 3 - Task 3.2 "Indicators from Third Sector's data and observations" and Task 3.4 "Observation System to monitor poverty, vulnerability and social exclusion and to develop WP 1 - Task 1.4 "Indicators for Local Government".

In October UROPS developed the relationship with the three Caritas Dioceses of the province: Pisa, San Miniato and Volterra.

Particularly during the two meetings of the 8th October and 3rd November with Caritas directors and collaborators, the following objectives were reached:

-        to share the text of the Formal Agreement Protocol prepared by UROPS in which Caritas permit it to have access to Net MIROD (Diocesan Observatories Network) data related its Dioceses (WP3 -Task 3.2);

-        to confirm the Caritas Counseling Centers operators collaboration to realize the survey about poverty and vulnerability through the filling in of the questionnaire on the perception of the local poverty and on use of measuring indicators for poverty (WP1-Task 1.4);

-        to declare the Caritas interest and willingness to realize with UROPS a permanent Observation System to monitor poverty, vulnerability and social exclusion in the province.

Caritas directors and collaborators analyzed non institutional stakeholders list prepared by UROPS (354 stakeholders) and recommended the inclusion of all their Counseling Centers and Distribution Centers. Furthermore they suggested to include in the list a few new subjects as associations and parishes and they gave UROPS the contact person, telephone and e-mail address.





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