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NTTS Conference - Brussels 22-24 February 2011

Next February in Brussels Sample project will participate to NTTS Conference.

The NTTS (New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics) is an international scientific conference on the impact of new technologies on statistical collection, production and dissemination systems.

The conference is intended to stimulate and facilitate the preparation of new innovative projects, to encourage co-operation and possible building of consortia by researchers with the aim of enhancing the quality and usefulness of official statistics and to prepare activities for the next Framework Programme for Research and Development in Statistics.

NTTS conferences have been organised in 1992, 1995, 1998 and 2001. The last one has been organised jointly with the ETK seminar in 2009 in Brussels.


  • to present the outcomes of recent research activities in statistics in general and in official statistics
  • to promote new research in methodological and technological developments for official statistics.
  • To discuss the future needs and developments of research in statistics

The conference is intended to promote cooperation and possible building of consortia by researchers, with the aim of enhancing the quality and usefulness of official statistics and to reflect on future strategies for development of research topics in statistics for the next decade.



Siena Sample Meeting, 6 th October, Documents

Here you con find documents form Siena Sample Meeting

AGENDA (download)

  1. J. Silver "Multidimensional measures of living conditions" (download)
  2. A. Lemmi and T. Panek "Multidimensional poverty comparisons between the Italian and the Polish Regions: an Integrated and Fuzzy approach" (download)
  3. DSMAE "The Small Area Estimation of the quantiles of income distribution"  download (first part, second part, third part, fourth part)
  4. A. Petreri "Some results from the survey on local stakeholders (download)
  5. S. Zins "Variance estimation for measures of change" (download)
  6. J. Kordos, A. Zieba-Pietrzak, R. Wieczorkowski "Reweighted bootstrap standard error estimates for income poverty measures (download)
  7. Gagliardi F., Tarditi G. "Cumulation of poverty measures: the theory beyond it, possible applications and software developed" (download)


  1. CRIDIRE "WP1 New indicators and models for inequality and poverty with attention to social exclusion, vulnerability and deprivation" (download)
  2. UNIPI-DSMAE "WP2 Small area estimation of poverty and inequality indicators" (download)
  3. PP-UROPS "Integration of EU-SILC data with administrative data" (download)
  4. SR "Standardisation and application development - Software for living conditions estimates (download)

The Survey on local stakeholders - Results

The Province of Pisa has concluded the survey on 252 local stakeholders (Public Administrations, Associations, Social Cooperatives, Parishes, Caritas Counselling Centers, etc.). The aims of the survey were:

  • asking stakeholders their opinion about european poverty indicators (Laeken indicators)
  • asking stakeholders the proposal of new indicators
  • knowing their information system
  • knowing their opinion about the poverty level in their territory, the usefulness of indicators for their activities and the usefulness of the creation of an Observatory on Local Poverty
  1. Click here for some results (italian)
  2. Click here for the report (italian)
  3. Click here for some results: Deliverable 10 Final Report task 1.4 (english)

Next Sample Meeting - Siena, 6 th October

Next 6 October, in Siena, there will be Sample Conference.

The day is part of the II Forum in Inequalities, an appointment to discuss and to reflect on the issues of inequality and social welfare, particularly important in 2010,the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

The FORUM will begin on October 5, at the Educational Complex of S. Nicholas, on the occasion of "Goodwin Awards 2010", rewarding operators, businesses and nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated - through concrete actions and initiatives - particularly sensibility to  social welfare.

Sample Meeting will be the occasion to disseminate the first project results and to reflect on Multidimensional Poverty and Small Area Estimations. In this meeting will be illustrated also some results from the survey on local stakeholders. The aim of the survey was to know the opinions of over 200 stakeholders (nonprofit and institutional) on the indicators commonly used to measure poverty and social exclusion.



Seminar of Sample in Warsaw: available documents

Please find attached the power point presentations discussed during SAMPLE seminar in Warsaw.

"Small Are Methodology developed within the SAMPLE Project"
Prof. M.Pratesi, University of Pisa
Prof. D.Morales, University of Elche

"Cumulation and pooling to improve sample precision"
Prof. V.Verma, University of Siena

"Engaging local Community: a data-centered social network application"
Mr.M Toigo, Simurg Company

"The involvement of a local institutional body: research, policy makers decision and dissemination of results"
Ms. D.Donadel, General Direction Province of Pisa

"Towards the construction of a permanent Observatory system to monitor poverty,
vulnerability and social exclusion: the involvement of public and third sector organizations"

Mr. C.Rognini Observatory on Social Research Province of Pisa

"Sample in the provinces of Italy",
Ms. G.Daniele, Office of Innovation and Statistics of Province of Pisa

"Comparison of two bootstrap methods of standard error estimation for some poverty measures" Prof. Jan Kordos, Ms. Agnieszka Zięba - Warsaw School of Economics dr Robert Wieczorkowski - Central Statistical Office in Poland







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